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  • The Road Home is a simple road map for the military family to use before, during and after a tumultuous separation. Elaine provides an opportunity for families to begin their lives together again in peace, harmony and most of all with love.”

    - 1SG Matthew P Eversmann, USA (RET)

  • "An amazing book brimming with ideas for military families. Fuel for the fire of passion we call our military lives. We believe in Elaine’s work so much we’ve made it a part of our Spouse Field Exercise Conferences!"

    – Tara Crooks and Star Henderson www.FieldProblems.com and co-foounders of www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com

  • “I love this book! I have wanted something like this for years. My mother bought it for me as a wonderful token for the upcoming deployment we have later this month. I just can’t praise it enough. I do love the diverse backgrounds that all the ideas are from and their different points of view.”

    – Ashley Klein, “1st Cav” fan

  • “You’re doing a great thing with this book. I, along with hundreds of thousands thank you for bringing light to this lifestyle. It is nothing glamorous but it is most rewarding in the end. I appreciate your work and devotion.”

    - OS1 Timothy Mullock, USN

  • “After reading your book it became obvious to me that several of my men’s wives must have used your tips while we were deployed in Afghanistan. These guys always had a smile on their faces and were the envy of the base. Thanks for making our stay overseas that much more bearable!”

    - CPT Diggs Brown USSF, author of Your Neighbor Went to War

  • “My sister discovered your book and ordered a copy for me. My husband has now deployed for the second time in less than two years. My sincerest thanks to you for putting together such a wonderful and inspirational resource.”

    - Kelly Abeyta

  • “I wholeheartedly endorse the book and the many ways, so simple, that anyone can use those great ideas to just put that smile on the face of their loved one, at perhaps just the right moment. It gives them hope, happiness, and knowledge that their relationship is so vital.”

    - Janet Weber, MIARNG

  • “Thank you so much for participating in our Leadership Conference. Your presentation was outstanding and has an impression on many as I heard it discussed many times!”

    - Jerry, ND National Guard

  • "I cannot say enough about wonderful people like you who have insight to the military life and know how much it means to us that the American people care. You hear so much about the negative side and it’s nice to know, hear and see someone non-military who is involved to support the troops and their families."

    - Jo Ann Cherry, Alabama FRG volunteer and military wife

Submit Book Ideas

This is your opportunity to make a positive impact on thousands of military families as they welcome their loved one home by sharing your expertise.  I'm always collecting ideas to share in newsletters and on the website.

Here’s what I need - your ideas, tips and resources for:

  • Homecoming activities
  • Reestablishing open communication
  • Preparation checklists
  • Recreating bonds
  • Fitting back in at work (from both employer and employee)
  • Getting back into shape
  • Reestablishing intimacy
  • Any other great idea, thought or story you want to share
  • "Blended" families with step-children


We also need help with overcoming the challenges like:

  • All levels of PTSD
  • Reestablishing authority with children
  • How to answer the tough questions people ask you

Here’s How to Submit - It’s SO easy!

  • Complete the form on this page right now, or
  • Email me your idea at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or
  • Call me at 303-430-0592 and use mailbox #2
  • IMP: Check the permission statement below.

What’s in it for YOU: (besides doing a great service for other military families)


Your idea or story: IF your idea is selected for the book (and it’s the 1st received in case of duplicates) you will receive a FREE signed 1st edition copy of the book hot off the presses and mailed directly to you!


Your web resource: If we use your resource/ website recommendation and the 1st to submit it, you will be mailed a FREE copy of the “I’m Already Home...Again - a conversation” CD!


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* Your Idea:
Please enter your idea, resource or tip.
Important Permission Statement: I’ll have a lot of ideas to go through so please know that if you make a submission, you are giving me permission to use your idea in the book, newsletter, speeches or book promotion. Your idea will remain anonymous unless you check the box that lets me use your first name. (ex: “Mary shares with us…”)


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Why Book Elaine?

F-16 Incentive Flight

  • Elaine Dumler's F-16 Incentive FlightElaine's F-16 Incentive Flight
    In 2009, she was provided the opportunity to take an F-16 incentive ride because of her work to promote the resiliency and readiness of military families.  See her photos here.

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