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  • “You’re doing a great thing with this book. I, along with hundreds of thousands thank you for bringing light to this lifestyle. It is nothing glamorous but it is most rewarding in the end. I appreciate your work and devotion.”

    - OS1 Timothy Mullock, USN

  • “I wholeheartedly endorse the book and the many ways, so simple, that anyone can use those great ideas to just put that smile on the face of their loved one, at perhaps just the right moment. It gives them hope, happiness, and knowledge that their relationship is so vital.”

    - Janet Weber, MIARNG

  • “Thank you so much for participating in our Leadership Conference. Your presentation was outstanding and has an impression on many as I heard it discussed many times!”

    - Jerry, ND National Guard

  • The Road Home is a simple road map for the military family to use before, during and after a tumultuous separation. Elaine provides an opportunity for families to begin their lives together again in peace, harmony and most of all with love.”

    - 1SG Matthew P Eversmann, USA (RET)

  • “I love this book! I have wanted something like this for years. My mother bought it for me as a wonderful token for the upcoming deployment we have later this month. I just can’t praise it enough. I do love the diverse backgrounds that all the ideas are from and their different points of view.”

    – Ashley Klein, “1st Cav” fan

  • "I cannot say enough about wonderful people like you who have insight to the military life and know how much it means to us that the American people care. You hear so much about the negative side and it’s nice to know, hear and see someone non-military who is involved to support the troops and their families."

    - Jo Ann Cherry, Alabama FRG volunteer and military wife

  • "An amazing book brimming with ideas for military families. Fuel for the fire of passion we call our military lives. We believe in Elaine’s work so much we’ve made it a part of our Spouse Field Exercise Conferences!"

    – Tara Crooks and Star Henderson www.FieldProblems.com and co-foounders of www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com

  • “My sister discovered your book and ordered a copy for me. My husband has now deployed for the second time in less than two years. My sincerest thanks to you for putting together such a wonderful and inspirational resource.”

    - Kelly Abeyta

  • “After reading your book it became obvious to me that several of my men’s wives must have used your tips while we were deployed in Afghanistan. These guys always had a smile on their faces and were the envy of the base. Thanks for making our stay overseas that much more bearable!”

    - CPT Diggs Brown USSF, author of Your Neighbor Went to War

Sponsorship Info

North Dakota provides book for 2100 families with deployed soldiers!

Military families undergo lots of stress and concern when they have family members serving overseas. The state of North Dakota currently has over 2100 Army, Air Guard and Army Reserve troops on active duty.

Cindy was one of the leaders of the 142nd Engineer Battalion’s family support group when her ex-husband was deployed back in 2003. She was always looking for ways to help the families she knew stay together. In her search, she found the book, I'm Already Home and took on the challenge of getting copies of the book for everyone by setting up a corporate sponsor program. She contacted area companies, beginning with her own employer Wells Fargo Bank, and presented her idea. As a result of her work and persistent networking, the group raised the money necessary to distribute the books to all 2100 families.

As the author, I was so impressed with Cindy's tenacity, and the effectiveness of the project, that I was privileged to travel to North Dakota. I spoke with the family support groups at the armories in Bismarck and Fargo on the evenings that the books were being distributed. I met many families that night and feel like I've put 400 faces on all the ideas in the book!

If any family support group would like to run a corporate sponsorship program in their own state, Cindy has put together some ideas to make it easier - including special book pricing and the solicitation letter she used. Click here to email me and I'll immediately send you PDF files of Cindy's information.


What if you could support the troops and make a difference in the lives of military families?

You can!

Let Elaine partner with your company or organization to promote your mission to thousands of military families on an international level.


You must have a presence at these conferences!

I’ve been invited to be a keynote and breakout session presenter at over 11 military family programs conferences and conventions this year around the world. The mission of the conferences is to bring support and ideas to families separated by military deployment, and based on previous experience, the expected attendance should range from 200 to well over 1,000 participants. They will all be servicepersons, spouses, FRG and FAC leaders and key volunteers – those you usually try to reach through a trade show presence. As your partner, I have the ability to put you in front of these people because I’m a civilian and not held to the same “red tape” that can stymie your marketing efforts. The following visibility opportunities will give you much more focused results. I know how important it is to you to recognize the spirit and sacrifice of these families and I’d love to take your message with me to the platform. Our partnership will allow me to continue my work in helping these wonderful families stay strong and connected and send the name of your organization home with each one!


Speaking Engagements:

These are the people you want to reach. My promotion of your product, services and image can include, but not be limited to:

  • Your logo/name in conference brochure as a speaker sponsor if acquired in time for printing.  Your name reaches thousands for every conference.
  • Your logo/name on all of Elaine's handout materials for all sessions.
  • A one piece company promotional insert piece (provided by you) to be inserted in attendee materials or registration bag.
  • Your logo/name and personal message to the families printed on the inside cover of all 200 included conference copies of the book "I'm Already Home...Again" that are gifted to attendees.
  • A recognition/thank you, and/or giving away a “door prize” from the platform
  • Recognition on all media appearances before each conference in the city the conference is located. These are lined up by my office and the meeting planner.
  • Listing at www.ImAlreadyHome.com as my partner with a link to your website.
  • Special promotion of your company as conference partner in my InTouch newsletter. My mailing list is extremely targeted to only military personnel who have requested to receive it.
  • Introduction of your company to conference planners.
  • Amazing amount of good will and respect from audience members and military families.


Sponsorship of Books (gifted to the participants by you): 

My program includes 200 copies of "I'm Already Home...Again – Keeping your family close while on assignment or deployment." Since many of the conferences anticipate an attendance of around 1,000, you have the opportunity to provide books (including shipping) for the remaining people to take away with them. The first and second editions of this book are used as deployment resources in over 30,000 military homes. By providing the books you will receive:

  • All books for 65% off list price.
  • A book plate with your company logo, name, contact information and personal Thank you message on the inside cover of each book.
  • Logo/name in conference brochure as book sponsor if submitted in time mailed to conference mailing list.
  • A recognition/thank you from the platform. 
  • Recognition on all media appearances before each conference in the city the conference is located. These are lined up by my office and the meeting planner.
  • Listing at www.ImAlreadyHome.com as a book partner with a link to your website.
  • Amazing amount of good will and respect from audience members and military families.
  • Special promotion of your company as book partner in the next issue of my InTouch newsletter.
  • If you are represented at the trade show, we can have all participants come to your booth to pick up their copy of the book! I can do a book signing at your booth also.


Why would you want to partner with ME? – A few good reasons:

My mission is to nurture the families of the 342,000 U.S. servicepersons currently serving our country on various missions including peacekeeping and training, and the approximately 1,398,000 members on active duty by giving them tools and inspiration to stay strong and connected with each other. As a separation expert, I am eager to promote your companies’ mission to provide your products or services to enhance their quality of life.

As a civilian, I can be the liaison that allows you to directly reach the people in ways that you may not have been able to achieve through traditional avenues. Everyone will know that you care enough about the well-being of our troops and their families to bring them expertise, inspiration and valuable resources to take home with them.

I’ve brought connection ideas to military audiences in the form of heartfelt keynotes, hands-on involvement breakout sessions, books and newsletters stories, since the week we went to Iraq back in 2003. I’ve reached thousands through speaking engagements, 28,000 through book sales, and tens of thousands through national media. People know who I am, so this can help you by exposing you to the people you choose to reach in a very positive way!

  • Presented at the past three National Guard National Family Programs conventions – the last two as a main stage keynoter, having been invited back each time.
  • Families have continued to be inspired to be proactive in their separation situations at over 60 state and local family programs conferences, trainings and briefings.
  • Presented keynote and breakout programs for all 4 branches of the military around the country.
  • Publishes the InTouch newsletter designed for military families.
  • Written two books – “I’m Already Home” and “I’m Already Home…Again” that are used as a primary deployment resources by the Department of Defense .
  • Appeared on 12 TV news programs including MSNBC and FOXNews discussing deployment separation issues.
  • Been a guest on over 46 radio programs including ArmyWifeTalkRadio and NPR.
  • Had my “story” featured in Ladies Home Journal and have been the subject of over 35 local, national and international newspaper articles including the New York Times and papers in Taiwan and Israel.
  • Spearheading the Free “Flat Daddy” project and co-organizer of www.OperationConnectAFamily.com to provide books to more families.
  • Already been invited to present at over a dozen conferences in 2007.  Partner with me and you will have a valuable presence in front of thousands of military families.

Your next step:

Call or email me to discuss how to partner for mutual benefit and profitability.

Agree NOW to say “YES” and help me bring more great ideas and help to these wonderful military families!



Why Book Elaine?

F-16 Incentive Flight

  • Elaine Dumler's F-16 Incentive FlightElaine's F-16 Incentive Flight
    In 2009, she was provided the opportunity to take an F-16 incentive ride because of her work to promote the resiliency and readiness of military families.  See her photos here.

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