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  • “Thank you so much for participating in our Leadership Conference. Your presentation was outstanding and has an impression on many as I heard it discussed many times!”

    - Jerry, ND National Guard

  • “After reading your book it became obvious to me that several of my men’s wives must have used your tips while we were deployed in Afghanistan. These guys always had a smile on their faces and were the envy of the base. Thanks for making our stay overseas that much more bearable!”

    - CPT Diggs Brown USSF, author of Your Neighbor Went to War

  • “You’re doing a great thing with this book. I, along with hundreds of thousands thank you for bringing light to this lifestyle. It is nothing glamorous but it is most rewarding in the end. I appreciate your work and devotion.”

    - OS1 Timothy Mullock, USN

  • "An amazing book brimming with ideas for military families. Fuel for the fire of passion we call our military lives. We believe in Elaine’s work so much we’ve made it a part of our Spouse Field Exercise Conferences!"

    – Tara Crooks and Star Henderson www.FieldProblems.com and co-foounders of www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com

  • The Road Home is a simple road map for the military family to use before, during and after a tumultuous separation. Elaine provides an opportunity for families to begin their lives together again in peace, harmony and most of all with love.”

    - 1SG Matthew P Eversmann, USA (RET)

  • “I love this book! I have wanted something like this for years. My mother bought it for me as a wonderful token for the upcoming deployment we have later this month. I just can’t praise it enough. I do love the diverse backgrounds that all the ideas are from and their different points of view.”

    – Ashley Klein, “1st Cav” fan

  • “I wholeheartedly endorse the book and the many ways, so simple, that anyone can use those great ideas to just put that smile on the face of their loved one, at perhaps just the right moment. It gives them hope, happiness, and knowledge that their relationship is so vital.”

    - Janet Weber, MIARNG

  • “My sister discovered your book and ordered a copy for me. My husband has now deployed for the second time in less than two years. My sincerest thanks to you for putting together such a wonderful and inspirational resource.”

    - Kelly Abeyta

  • "I cannot say enough about wonderful people like you who have insight to the military life and know how much it means to us that the American people care. You hear so much about the negative side and it’s nice to know, hear and see someone non-military who is involved to support the troops and their families."

    - Jo Ann Cherry, Alabama FRG volunteer and military wife

Book Elaine

Planning a conference is stressful!  When you bring your people trainings that are fun, interactive and professionally presented, it reflects on you and your team.  Your conference is more likely to get rave reviews. MY job is to make YOU look good! I’ve been a professional trainer/speaker for over 20 years and all my programs are:

  • Filled with photos and video segments…not your usual boring PowerPoint!  Result: Keeps your people engaged and interested
  • Designed to improve mission focus by fostering strength, resiliency and independence in family members. Result: Families become more positively involved in support that’s available and your volunteers have an easier job helping the families under their care
  • Help families and volunteers learn how to provide assistance to those around them. Result: Helps the families and volunteers work as a “team” toward the same outcome
  • Customized sessions designed around the outcomes of your conference. Result: all parts of your conference flow as one entity so it makes planning easier for you
  • Reengage those who feel they want to “check out.” Result: everyone’s involved and everyone retains what they personally need…and  that means less complaining and whining.

 Once you’ve decided that you’d like me to submit a training proposal, here’s what to do:

  • Call me at 866-780-0450 or email me using the form at the bottom of this page. I’ll ask if you have tentative dates yet, approximate number of participants expected, and your nearest airport.
  •  If you have dates you’re looking at, let me put a “first hold” on them because they book fast. There is no obligation to commit to those dates. That means that while you’re deciding, those dates are held for you. If someone else asks for those same dates, I’ll call you first and see if you still want them. You would have first right to book those dates.
  • I’ll email you a proposal for your consideration. It will spell out everything that’s included in the training, the training outcomes and the readiness resources tools provided. In most instances, books can be provided for all training participants. 
  • I can work with IMPAC cards and find that most trainings can be provided for only a single IMPAC transaction! I am also registered with a DUNS number and with CCR for electronic contracts and invoicing for those trainings that might involve longer or multiple session trainings that exceed IMPAC transactions.

That’s about it for right now. Have fun browsing through the training programs and see what comes close to fitting your needs. I can, and do, customize programs by using your personal photographs and time requirements.

I look forward to speaking with you!


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Why Book Elaine?

F-16 Incentive Flight

  • Elaine Dumler's F-16 Incentive FlightElaine's F-16 Incentive Flight
    In 2009, she was provided the opportunity to take an F-16 incentive ride because of her work to promote the resiliency and readiness of military families.  See her photos here.

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