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  • “I love this book! I have wanted something like this for years. My mother bought it for me as a wonderful token for the upcoming deployment we have later this month. I just can’t praise it enough. I do love the diverse backgrounds that all the ideas are from and their different points of view.”

    – Ashley Klein, “1st Cav” fan

  • “Thank you so much for participating in our Leadership Conference. Your presentation was outstanding and has an impression on many as I heard it discussed many times!”

    - Jerry, ND National Guard

  • “After reading your book it became obvious to me that several of my men’s wives must have used your tips while we were deployed in Afghanistan. These guys always had a smile on their faces and were the envy of the base. Thanks for making our stay overseas that much more bearable!”

    - CPT Diggs Brown USSF, author of Your Neighbor Went to War

  • The Road Home is a simple road map for the military family to use before, during and after a tumultuous separation. Elaine provides an opportunity for families to begin their lives together again in peace, harmony and most of all with love.”

    - 1SG Matthew P Eversmann, USA (RET)

  • “My sister discovered your book and ordered a copy for me. My husband has now deployed for the second time in less than two years. My sincerest thanks to you for putting together such a wonderful and inspirational resource.”

    - Kelly Abeyta

  • “I wholeheartedly endorse the book and the many ways, so simple, that anyone can use those great ideas to just put that smile on the face of their loved one, at perhaps just the right moment. It gives them hope, happiness, and knowledge that their relationship is so vital.”

    - Janet Weber, MIARNG

  • "I cannot say enough about wonderful people like you who have insight to the military life and know how much it means to us that the American people care. You hear so much about the negative side and it’s nice to know, hear and see someone non-military who is involved to support the troops and their families."

    - Jo Ann Cherry, Alabama FRG volunteer and military wife

  • “You’re doing a great thing with this book. I, along with hundreds of thousands thank you for bringing light to this lifestyle. It is nothing glamorous but it is most rewarding in the end. I appreciate your work and devotion.”

    - OS1 Timothy Mullock, USN

  • "An amazing book brimming with ideas for military families. Fuel for the fire of passion we call our military lives. We believe in Elaine’s work so much we’ve made it a part of our Spouse Field Exercise Conferences!"

    – Tara Crooks and Star Henderson www.FieldProblems.com and co-foounders of www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com


We have listed some of our most recently asked questions below.  If you don't find an answer here, please feel free to contact us for assistance.





My loved one is home, or coming home. Which book is best for my family?
That would be The Road Home – Smoothing the transition back from deployment. It covers many relevant ideas, concerns and suggestions for reintegrating back into the family, community and job starting with the homecoming celebration. It also helps with issues such as returning wounded, PTSD, TBI and helping others to deal with grief. Hundreds of helpful web resources are included. Click here to learn more.

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My loved one is going to be deployed which book is best for me?
The book that is best for both the deployment and pre-deployment phases would be I’m Already Home…Again – Keeping your family close while on assignment or deployment. The ideas are designed for the connection you’ll need while you’re apart from each other. Click here to learn more. 

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Can I get quantities of your books at a discounted rate to distribute?
Absolutely! Generous quantity discounts begin with as few as 20 books. Click here to access the current discount schedule for both books. 

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I've heard about the new Pocket Flip Tips Books, what are they and how can I get them?
There are 24 different titles in the Flip Tip series. They are available through the shopping cart on this site, or through the catalog at www.4MCA.com. Written by Elaine and other military family experts in an easy-to-understand language, these books are unique and special. First, the format is extremely reader friendly with easy-to-flip tabs directing the reader to the answer he or she needs in a flash. Secondly, the first half of each book addresses the concerns and needs of the military family while the second half provides advice and information from the perspective of the deployed service member. The titles were chosen from your feedback so these handy books target your most pressing issues. 16 pages, size 3½ “ X 5½” . Click here to go to the book cover photos and available title list.  

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How long has Elaine been working with military families?
She has been working closely with military families since November 2002 when she began interviewing families for her first book. To date she has conducted interviews with over 3200 families about how they stay connected and what their current issues are. This has resulted in three books, 24 FlipTips books, the development of seven speaking/training programs presented in over 37 states (many of them more than once) and over 100 media appearances and interviews.  She can access the heart of the military family. 

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Do you have programs and briefings tailored for different phases of deployment?
Yes. We design both “main stage” sessions and breakouts for both the “during” deployment phase, and the reunion and reintegration phase – along the same lines as the books. For a description of programs for deployment, click here. For descriptions of reintegration programs, please click here.

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How can I get Elaine to speak at our Conference?
This is what she loves to do most! First, Be ready with the possible conference dates (if you know them now), the vision you have for your conference, your budget parameters, and how you’d like Elaine to be a part of it (ex: main stage presenter, leading a breakout session, providing books, etc.). Then either give us a call so we can talk about it at 303-430-0592, or email Elaine for her availability at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or place an inquiry through the contact form on this site. Click here to access that form. While your group is in the decision making phase of planning the conference, Elaine can put a no obligation “soft hold” on the dates for you. This means that if another organization puts in a request for the same dates, she will contact you first and give you first option to book them. Please note that the months of April through August book up first, so it’s helpful to get dates requested early.

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Does Elaine do Yellow Ribbon events?
Yes, her books and briefings have been approved for inclusion in both pre-deployment and reintegration 30, 60, 90 day trainings. She also works at mid-deployment events. She is going through the process of being added to the main national YRRP list of approved speakers that is currently being assembled. 

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Can you accept IMPAC cards?
Yes, and we don’t charge any additional “processing” fees. We’ve worked with military Visa cards for 9 years and are familiar with card limits. We can work with you on an order to figure it, with shipping, to fall within your limit. 

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Are you registered with CCR?
Yes, I’m set up and current to accept contracts through Central Contracting. My cage code # is 3X6M2. I’m also registered with Wide Area Work Flow and can process online invoices and receiving reports. 

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Can Elaine help me find information about getting a sponsor for my event?
This is a great way to find funding for bringing Elaines trainings and/or books to your event while letting a sponsoring company be a part of your event. I won’t kid you when I say that approaching sponsors isn’t an immediate response inquiry, but to find one (or two or three) you have to ASK! Assign a “go getter” to be in charge of the project and start with requesting the electronic file I’ve put together of FAQ’s, forms, letters, benefit statements, press releases, etc. Click here to access a request form. Please double check your email address as the forms will be attached to an email. Make sure your email can receive attachments and pdf forms. Some .mil addresses can’t do that. In the COMMENTS box on the form, please write: Please email me the information on how I can get sponsors for my event. 

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Can my company/organization sponsor Elaine’s books to the families at a military event?
Becoming a sponsor to provide a complimentary copy of one of the books is a fantastic, long term way to get your name in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of military contacts. You can sponsor as a form of marketing, or simply as a way to say Thank You to the military families. This is the most common form of sponsorship. You can order books at generous discounts, and have your company label affixed to each one, or have a sponsor label provided for you. The greatest benefit to you is that the books are a valuable resource and will be kept by the families…knowing that you gave it to them! Elaine has assembled some materials to help answer questions, cover sponsor benefits to you and provide the discount pricing schedule. You can either request the information by clicking here to access a contact form (in the COMMENTS box, please state your interest in receiving information about sponsoring books) or call her directly at 303-430-0592.  

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Can my company/organization sponsor Elaine into a military event?
Becoming a sponsoring company or organization is a fantastic way to get your name in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of military contacts. You can sponsor as a form of marketing, or simply as a way to say Thank You to the military families. Elaine has assembled some materials to help answer questions, provide sponsor benefits to you and share some of the sponsor platforms available. You can either request the information by clicking here to access a contact form (in the COMMENTS box, please state your interest in receiving information about sponsoring Elaine) or call her directly at 303-430-0592. 

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How can I work with Elaine for media interviews?
Elaine is skilled at print, radio and television interviews. You can see some interview video on the Media page at this site, or the links at the bottom of this page. Most media inquiries need to be addressed immediately, so the best thing to do is to call Elaine on her cell phone at 303-956-0316. She can access email inquiries on the phone too, so you can email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  She can then send you access to media information such as interview questions/answers. 

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How do I request a donated Flat Daddy?
At most times during the year, Flat Daddy requests outnumber donations. We have a software program that maintains a waiting list based on application date. Click here to access a form to complete giving us the information we need for the program. Since this form is also used for other inquiries, please be sure to mention that this is a Flat Daddy waiting list request in the COMMENTS box. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request as soon as possible. 

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How do I get a Flat Daddy from a Red Cross donation?
Contact your local Red Cross chapter directly and ask them if they are participating and have funds allocated for the Flat Daddy program. To date, some are and others are not. If they aren’t involved, or don’t know about it, ask them to call Eric at SFC Graphics at 1-800-537-1130 x5213 and find out about it.  

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How do I purchase a Flat Daddy?
You can go directly to www.FlatDaddies.com and find all the information you’ll need to place an order. Just to be aware: the better resolution photo you have of your service member to work with, the better it will enlarge without getting “grainy”. The software on the website will guide you through the process of uploading your photo. 

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How can I donate funds to provide a Flat Daddy to a family?
There are two ways to do that: One, go to www.FlatDaddies.com and click on donating, or go to www.OperationConnectAFamily.com and learn about donating there. You will see buttons to donate throughout the site.  

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Why Book Elaine?

F-16 Incentive Flight

  • Elaine Dumler's F-16 Incentive FlightElaine's F-16 Incentive Flight
    In 2009, she was provided the opportunity to take an F-16 incentive ride because of her work to promote the resiliency and readiness of military families.  See her photos here.

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